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The Baixbus website is a project in Drupal 7 carried out together with the collaboration of Emfasi.

This website shows all the information related to bus lines, routes, schedules and incidents.

The biggest problem with this website is that it has a lot of traffic, since it offers very useful information for its users. Due to the large number of maps used on this website and the large number of users who come to see these maps, every month they exceeded the free share of google maps. This caused them to have to pay a large monthly fee for the use of the Google maps API.

This web project is one of many that are already done or half done. In this case, the client was looking for someone who would mainly help him to:

  • update the Drupal
  • make modifications to existing custom-made integrations for the periodic import of bus routes
  • redo all maps to stop using Google maps libraries that are paid

As you can see, not everything is to create new websites from 0, but there is a lot of work also supporting websites made by other agencies / freelancers.

Year: 2019
Type of technology