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Costa Dorada

This is a Drupal project carried out in collaboration with the company 6Tems, responsible for the design and management of the project and Atenea tech, responsible for part of the development. We have taken care of a part of the layout, backend and sitebuilding.

The web, responsive and multi-language, aims to show the benefits of this tourist area and making the most of everything related to images with stunning views of Tarragona and its province. In addition to the pages with static content, the dynamic sections stand out, such as the calendar of activities with a map, and with the possibility of consulting for different dates (weekend, ideal week). Regarding the activities section, we can check them by type and by location, in addition to being able to use the map.

Finally, the accommodation section allows us to choose from the large number of options offered by the Costa Daurada. Apartments, hotels and campsites are some examples that we can find on the web, in addition to the possibility of performing a search by category, reference or on the same map.

In addition to all this, we have some tags that allow us to find all the information related to an interest, such as nature, sports, gastronomy, leisure, etc. I can obtain all the information related to this specific topic.

Year: 2017
Type of technology