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CUP: multi-site

The CUP (Candidatura d'Unitat Popular) is a Catalan political party with an important implantation in towns of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. In collaboration with Atenea tech we receive the order to make your corporate website. But the work went much further. It was also about creating a website for their local assemblies, in addition to the different neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​as well as that corresponding to the parliamentary group.

To do this, we created an architecture based on Domain Access that allowed us, within a similar structure, that each of the websites could contain its own content. In addition, we had to implement a hierarchy in terms of content, so that the contents published on the main websites could be inherited on the websites of local assemblies.

The result is a web of websites, with more than 160 websites of local assemblies, where we can find informative pages, news, agenda (automatically imported from iCal), documents, videos and slideshows. The implemented system allows a personalization of the local websites, but being able to maintain the most important contents. In this sense, a great effort has been made to make the editing screens for the different roles as easy as possible, as well as the realization of video tutorials to cover the large number of web editors.

There have also been integrations with social networks, also customizable in each of the local assemblies, in addition to the integration of the responsive design that was carried out by the CUP collaborator, Diego of Milvietnams.

Year: 2015
Type of technology