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Estrella Damm: Web of visits with Drupal and Planyo

A few months ago the Damm Group contacted us to carry out a project with Drupal. It was a website for booking reservations for its factory in El Prat de Llobregat, a modern factory where you can observe the entire process of brewing (grilling, fermentation, packaging and distribution).

We were studying different software compatible with Drupal for making reservations, and finally we decided on Planyo, a very powerful and versatile online booking system.

The result is a very powerful web visually, multi-language, adapted for mobile phones and tablets, and above all very functional, since the realization of reservations is carried out in a comfortable and fast way.

Technically, it is interesting to note how Drupal is not a closed system, but thanks to its modules you can make all kinds of integrations (CRM, ERP), and even specific private software such as this use case.

Year: 2015
Type of technology