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La Vanguardia Club

The La Vanguardia Club allows its users to obtain offers in establishments of all kinds, invitations to events, as well as exclusive experiences for subscribers.

In collaboration with Atenea Tech, work has been done on the renovation and updating of its website, as well as the realization of some improvements, both visually and in terms of searches.

One of the main features of the project is the large number of people who visit the site. La Vanguardia is a reference in the Spanish press, being the third national newspaper, both in sales and digital. That is why we focus on creating a project that had a very fast load, and could have large loads of specific users, due to advertising campaigns.

In addition, we have also made visual adaptations to different devices and resolutions, creating a very friendly interface for mobile devices, which are a very important part of the visits. In this sense, an important part of the mobile search is geolocation, which allows the user to search for the nearest offers easily.

In summary, we have tried to improve the user experience, with a visually appealing website, with a fast and adapted mobile load.

Year: 2017
Type of technology