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MSF: Seguir con Vida

In collaboration with Atenea Tech, we have developed this website in Drupal 7. "Seguir con vida" is the new awareness campaign of MSF Spain on refugees and the hard road they have to make from their countries of origin to the first world.

Technically, it is a Drupal 7 multi-language and responsive, with a very important work at audiovisual level, since from the first moment the videos and large-format images have a very special relevance. Navigation is also different, and we opted for a double map, one worldwide where we can see the different roads used by immigrants, and another in Spain, where you can access the agenda section of each city that visits MSF to do An awareness campaign.

The most important section is the chronicles, where we can read different chronicles that are linked in a menu that reminds us of a subway line.

The campaign, which lasts for two years, will complement the contents over time, adding both new routes and cities in the agenda section.

Year: 2016
Type of technology